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My name is Gregory Christensen, SVAI Accredited Appraiser, Board Member and Director, and owner of RedLine Auto Appraisals.

I bought my first car when I was nine years old, a 1928 Ford Model A, it was three and a half inches tall just high enough to get me hooked on cars.  From my childhood until now I’ve constantly found myself fascinated with cars, trucks and motorcycles of all makes and vintages.  When out on a car ride with Dad, he and I would quiz each other on the make, model and year of the cars we would see on the road.  Before my first real car I had collected more than a hundred model cars — always cars, no airplanes, no ships.
During my life I have owned a mix of current and vintage/classic cars, pickups and motorcycles, with a particular fondness toward older automobiles and muscle cars. 

One of my favourite cars was a 1968 Pontiac Firebird HO 350 4-speed.  This car was the first of numbers of other muscle cars from North America’s Big Three automakers.  During my life-long car hobby I have worked hands-on rebuilding engines and driveline components, doing minor auto body repair, auto body refinishing and painting, as well as interior reupholstery. 

I find it a real treat to see the cars that people have collected, restored and now protect.  It is wonderful to hear the stories that belong to each unique car.

Those stories are part of what makes each one of those special cars historically significant, maybe not globally, but for sure for the owner and often for the owner’s family as well.

I am currently serving as a Board Member and Director of the  This institute was created to ensure that all Alberta auto appraisers meets the highest standards.
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